Homeplus Sustainability Principles

An essential part of our mission is “meeting our customers’ needs for a sustainable supply of select minerals, metals and service.” Sustainability is central to our mission, and how we approach our social, economic and environmental responsibilities is guided by our eight Sustainability Principles.

At Homeplus, sustainability isn’t just a commitment, it’s a measurement of success. Every day, Homeplus and our employees put that into action by providing good jobs and maintaining safe work conditions, minimizing our environmental impact, and volunteering in our communities.

Nearly 3 years ago, a team of employees from across the company defined Homeplus's Sustainability Principles on the basis of critical stakeholder interests. We hold ourselves accountable to these eight principles.

  • We will respect community values, priorities and interests in our business decisions.
  • We will provide enduring benefits that enhance our communities.
  • We will protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities.
  • We will respect and invest in our people.
  • We will minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.
  • We will take a leadership role to improve the recycling rates for our products and the materials used in connection with our processes.
  • We will provide effective stewardship of the minerals we extract and the energy and water we use.
  • We will maximize the economic benefits we provide to our stakeholders.